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Mi Scusi Handmade
Eco-friendly knitwear handmade by Andrea Iacobucci. Each piece is one of a kind!

Treasures; up-cycled, hand-made and collected jewelry by Buffy Maske. Artisan and Estate Jewelry, and one-of-a-kind antiques.

- reciprocity |ˌresəˈpräsətē| {noun}- the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit

ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: from French réciprocité, from réciproque, from Latin reciprocus ‘moving backward and forward’ (see reciprocate ).

Riverbasin Outfitters
Riverbasin Outfitters (Started by River Takada-Capel in 2007) focuses on upcycling found clothing and jewelry into affordable Limited Edition pieces.
Currently Re-branding as RivTak.

Please follow on Instagram/Twitter: @rivtak

The Cosmic Circle
The newest addition to the GypsyWitch Collective, Jess Matthews has opened The Cosmic Circle, upcycling and reselling a finely curated vintage collection.