Shipwrecked GypsyWitch

Shipwrecked GypsyWitch

Shipwrecked GypsyWitch S/S 2012

Photographs taken by Adam Graetz

Location: Utopia, Durham, NC

Models: Tiffany Dawne, Emily Butler

Hair and Make-up: Juliana Aul

Stylists: RiverTAK, Andrea Iacobucci, Tiffany Dawne, Buffy Maske

Clothing and knits: Riverbasin Outfitters, Mi Scusi Handmade, Vintage

Hand dyed vintage clothing: Diane Hall; Upcycled by: RiverTAK

Jewelry and Accessories: Reciprocities, Riverbasin Outfitters, Mi Scusi, GypsyWitch, Vintage

Set items: Found Collection by Buffy Maske, Walking Sticks handmade by beavers and Buffy Maske

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